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Helping hands in your hour of need

“Helping hands when you need them most”


At your wit’s end? Don’t know where to turn? The Bournemouth Children and Families Trust  – B-CHFT for short (sounds like `be chuffed!”) – acts as your one-stop `go-to’ place, to help you quickly find the right kind of local support, guidance and advice in your hour of need.

Help includes support for children, young people, women, men and family members who:


  • have been personally affected by domestic abuse

  • suffer from an abuse-related personal trauma

  • have been the victim of sexual abuse themselves.

For example, we can help organise temporary nursery care for your young children whilst you attend the Family Court. Or we can refer you to a programme of regular support to help you overcome negative patterns of behaviour – for yourself and/or your child.

trennungMother and daughter looking through the windowPlease let us help. You can contact us personally,

or through a family member, by local agencies e.g. school, GP, health visitors, social workers, local police, etc.

Frau beschützt ihr KindTel:  01202 651342

e-mail: help@b-childrenandfamilies-trust.org.uk

General enquiries:     enquiries@b-childrenandfamilies.trust.org.uk